Thanks to the contacts of the Classic Automobile Garage branch in Florida, we are continuously expanding our offer of classic cars.


All you have to do is specify the model of your interest and we will do our best so that is parked in your garage as soon as possible.


When restoring cars at our workshop, we pay attention to the smallest details.


Classic Automobile Garage – we combine passion for classic cars with experience in the industry. When using our services, you will appreciate our professionalism and learn how to become an owner of your dream car in an easy way. When restoring vehicles in our workshop, we pay attention to the smallest details. We know that these details will contribute to the exceptional character of classic cars. This is what makes us different because just like you, we simply love old timers. We operate on the American market which makes it possible to access exceptional and valuable findings. We are able to find any car you can think of. We organise transport from the US to any place in Europe. We also provide agency services in purchasing classic cars directly from an owner or via bids.


The restoration process at our workshop is composed of a number of stages: disassembly of the chassis, repair of the chassis, repair of the components, reassembly. Our customers can monitor on an on-going basis how we bring old cars to life via their computer, smartphone and tablet in any place of the world. The work progress is documented every day. A journal of works and photos or videos are added to the online platform of Classic Automobile Garage. This enables customers to observe each stage of car restoration in an easy and convenient way. They can also submit questions and suggest solutions within the course of works. This form of communication allows the customer to decide about all details.


Our offer includes the most sought for classic cars in the world. Volkswagen Bus is a true legend. The first models of this car appeared in the 1950s. Their popularity has been on an increase in the recent years. We offer T1 and T2 models in different versions: for transport of goods, passengers as well as the Westfalia camper version. We also offer classic Mercedes roadsters, luxurious and elegant SL models from the first production series as well as from later years in the 1980s. When it comes to representatives of British classics, you will find a Jaguar Coupe as well as stylish Triumph roadster from the 1950s. Thanks to the contact established by our Classic Automobile Garage branch in Florida, we are able to expand our offer of classic cars continuously. In the US, interesting findings appear daily and we have direct access to them. All you need to do is give us the model of your interest and we will do everything we can so that it can be parked in your garage soon.


A purchase of a classic car does not only have to be associated with making one’s dreams come true. Owing old timers is more often a way of investing capital. Such investments are safe and profitable with time. Classic Automobile Garage helps and provides advice on what model to choose as an investment. There are classic cars whose value increases by 20% and more within a year. Together with the customer, we choose a car, provide agency in its purchase and take care of all the official aspects. We also organise sales of cars of our partners abroad. In other words – buying a classic car with us generates no risks!


There are many offers of classic cars on the Polish market but it is not easy to find one worth your attention. Collectors or fans of old timers look for cars for restoration and find such cars but they are not in the best condition. Thanks to the Classic Automobile Garage branch in Florida, we have direct access to the American market where there are many beautiful cars in good condition waiting to be discovered. For many years, they have been hidden somewhere in the backyard or in the garage and they’re only waiting to be found. We have our methods to reach their owners. Upon request, we will source any old timer. Besides agency in purchase of cars, we also organise import to any place in Europe. We take care of all customs duties and transport orders on land and by sea on behalf of the customer. We will transport your new classic car from its previous owner in the US directly to your door in Europe. We will let you know all the costs in advance. We will also provide you with information on the car’s current location and the date of its delivery to the indicated destination.


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