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Corsica 2022

Traveling the VW Bulli is one of the most epic experiences in life. The simplicity of life on the road with a car that offers only what you really need. You get behind the wheel and you feel a wandering spirit. You want to forget about everything and move on. You know that you will be fine together on your journey. You take a few essentials with you and that’s it. The adventure continues.

Two buses, two families and 4,000 km. Travel along beautiful roads through the Alps and the coastal roads of Europe’s most mountainous island.









We absolutely love classic cars. At Classic Automobile Garage we focus on combining both – passion and professionalism.
We seek for a soul, we honour the character, and we take care of the details.
This is our policy.
If this is what you are looking for – please do not hesitate to contact us.


Are you dreaming of a perfect classic car or maybe an atmospheric patina? If so, you have come to the right place!
At CAG we specialise in restoring classic VW vans. We have created a team of specialists who will rebuild your car from the scratch.
And all this in only one place. We do abrasive soulutions, bodywork, paintwork, mechanical overhauls, engine and transmission modifications, among other things.
We also build interiors for Westfalia motorhomes and other conversions from the USA.
Or maybe you want to buy a car classic?
Let us know what your dream is and we will make it come true.


Q: How much does it cost to restore a classic car?
A: It depends on the purpose of the restoration and the scope of work. We approach each car individually.

Q: How long does a restoration take?
A: It depends on the scope of work and availability of parts. A complete restoration takes a minimum of 8 months.

Q: Do I have to pay in advance?
A: No. We bill projects on a monthly basis based on submitted reports.

Q: How can I check the progress of the work?
A: All stages of work are documented. You will be given online access to your project account, which will allow you to follow the progress as it happens.



I strongly recommend the team from CAG! They provided me full service not only in professional restoration work and exchange regarding my requirements, but they helped me fulfill my dream from the moment of choosing  the vehicle to the moment I was on the road heading to Greece. I am glad that not only I had the chance to get my Bus ready for the road, but that I also gained new friends with whom I can exchange old timer stories during VW meetups and many other trips.

J. Dados

My 1983 VW T3 has been taken in hand by SG… in Poland. I must say it was exciting for a while but they tackle it very thoroughly and professionally. The body, the paint, the electronics and the interior. Very professional! Thank you.

M.Kollen from the Netherlands

I have been working with the CAG team for several years. After completing the first T2 project, we are tackling more interesting classic VWs with shared energy and passion. My family and I have travelled the farthest corners of the Mediterranean basin in them. Trips in these cars are a joy and an unforgettable experience.

R. Han - Kraków


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